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When you press play on Dani and Lizzy’s sophomore album, The Opening, you may be surprised to hear the pair shift over to a more hip-hop-oriented soundscape – but for them, this is their home. “It’s not about us going into hip-hop or in a hip-hop direction,” the sisters say, “it’s actually about us going back to it, because that is our roots.”


Following the take-off of their viral hit single, “Dancing in the Sky,” that garnered tens of millions of views online, the duo signed to 604 Records and in 2016 released their debut album, Work of Heart. Due to the success of “Dancing in the Sky,” the pair experimented with an eclectic mix of genres saying that they “just had fun with it because we knew people would be coming from all ages, all directions, to find this record, so we did a lot of genres on it.”

Now, the sisters are ready to showcase a style of music they feel is truer to themselves by returning to their hip-hop roots. Though it’s their second album, The Opening acts as a reintroduction to the twins, both as musicians and as people. “An art opening is where the art meets the audience so for us,” Dani explains. “We just want it to be more personal and invite the listeners in.”

The album sees the duo fusing hip-hop and R&B, with Lizzy doing the majority of the singing while Dani handles the rapping. Due to the sisters' differing styles, they bring a variety of influences to their music, and with that, the pair strive to create a unique blend of two genres that they feel to be completely their own.

Above all, Dani and Lizzy aspire to create music with a message that can help people heal and overcome life’s many obstacles. With song topics that address dealing with substance abuse (“FTW”), to tracks that explore the complexities of relationships (“My Love Will Never Die”), the twins see music as therapy – both for themselves, and for their listeners. In their own words, their goal is “to inspire and encourage people to do their best – survive and thrive.”

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